Luke, Leia & Darth Vader Drop Is Live

Calling all Jedi Masters & Padawans... 15 limited-edition Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth Vader collectible digital toys will land in the Cryptoyverse, paired with powerful weapons in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Don’t miss this epic drop!

Start Your Collection Today

Each drop is full of new characters to collect. Get your surprise pack Cryptoys Cubes while supplies last.

It all started at OnChain Studios with just a few questions...

What would a toy company look like if it was built from the ground up as digital-first?

...what would the concept of PLAY look like in a digital world?

...and what type of new experiences would that unlock?

Introducing Cryptoys

A world built from the ground up to bring a whole new meaning to the word...

Witness The Beginning

Play the video and experience the birth of a new universe!

Welcome to the Cryptoyverse

Play and Earn. Accessible to Everyone.

We believe NFTs will change everything when it comes to gaming, but current play-and-earn games are expensive, complicated, and require a ton of resources and time to build. With Cryptoys, we are focused on bringing fun, casual gaming, and collecting experiences to the blockchain, in a cost-effective manner so that everyone can particpate.

By the power of Grayskull!

Masters of the Universe™ digital action figures have arrived He-Man and friends come to life the moment you unwrap them offering fans a new way to collect and play. Visit the Collect page to learn more.

Unbox Your Cryptoy
We are bringing the surprise-pack toy experience to the blockchain. Multiple skins across a range of rarity levels will be released for every Cryptoy breed. Our Stat-O-Meter will show the power level for each toy based on a combination of design, quantity, and playability factors.

Collect Them All
Once purchased, your Cryptoys Cubes will appear in your personal Cryptoys Backpack. From there, you control what to do next. 1. Keep your Cryptoys Cubes unopened 2. Unbox your Cryptoys Cubes to reveal your blister-packed toy 3. Unwrap your toy and watch as your new friend comes to life

Play In An Ever-Evolving World
The Cryptoyverse is constantly expanding with new toys, games, playsets, accessories, and so much more.

Coins & Currency
Soon we will launch two tokens specifically created to maximize fun and earning inside of the Cryptoyverse: Toyken ($TOY) and Binary Dust ($BD).

Take A Walk On The Block

After you’ve unwrapped your Cryptoy, you can immediately take your new friend out for a walk or jog on The Block. Soon we will launch a series of fun casual games, followed by a play-and-earn game and more fun activities and experiences.

Power Level Tiers

Cryptoys have 3 tiers representing different power levels, each with their own benefits.


Adventurer is our base-level tier with the lowest power level and price point. Adventurers enable everyone to own, collect, and play games in the Cryptoyverse.


Elite is our mid-level power tier and offers the broadest reach for all types of collectors. The range of power, and price, is lower than a Hero,


Hero is the most powerful, valuable and expensive tier in the Cryptoyverse. Owning a Hero gives collectors the best chance at earning valuable in-game rewards.

Power Levels

Your Stat-O-Meter is how efficient your Cryptoy is across the Cryptoyverse. The higher your Stat-O-Meter the better your toy performs across a variety of activities.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1
- Cryptoys Classics airdropped to early supporters - Origin story trailer revealed - Genesis Line of Cryptoys released (30,000 1st Edition Heroes) - “The Block” (our gaming engine) launched - First Mattel Cryptoys released Collector Scores and Incentives revealed

Phase 2
- Initial Mini-Games launched - Binary Dust Utility Token ($BD) launched - 3rd Party Marketplace Support - Staking Functionality

Phase 3
- Items & Accessories Launched - Skill Gems (power-ups) - NLP and AI Functionality - Companion App

Phase 4
- Cryptoys Animated Series - New Breeds - Pocket Dimensions - Playsets

We're backed by some of the best names in technology and blockchain